Pazzaglia & Partners offers integrated consulting that takes into account all different financial needs, from investment to asset management and insurance protection. In a rapidly evolving market context, it helps its customers to have a global vision and define their own priorities and goals by identifying the most effective financial strategy to achieve them.
Thanks to the constant support of an expert, the investor can plan his finances and protect his assets from inflation and unforeseen events, as well as free up any resources to capture opportunities offered by the market.


  • Managers’ assessment and renegotiation of financial conditions previously applied
  • Creation and restructuring of financial portfolios as a function of: personal goals, family make-up and protection of assets.
  • Analysis of risks and costs of products that make up the portfolio
  • Monitoring and periodic reports of portfolio performance
  • Training on products, services and financial markets


  • Analysis of Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • Financial planning
  • Social security planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Real estate and inheritance planning
  • Evaluation and analysis of financing
  • Tax optimization of financial products


The consulting service offered by the firm includes four basic steps:

1 Comparison
Starting with an initial free-of-charge introductory meeting, during which the customer provides his financial documentation and Pazzaglia & Partners identifies financial needs and explains the service methodology. On the basis of information at hand, a price quote is shared with the customer and, upon his acceptance, an agreement is signed. The professional fee varies according to the complexity of the financial review, the size of assets and risk profile.

After analyzing the financial situation in detail and explaining it to the customer, Pazzaglia & Partners collects all information needed to define the best investment strategy, with the right level of risk and the goal of protecting assets and achieving objectives. Regardless of the level of risk and the objectives, there is always a suitable investment to safeguard and increase capital.

With Pazzaglia & Partners, the customer can rely on a single interlocutor and gain contractual power over intermediaries; he does not need to move his money, but can manage it on his own through his bank and without any investment type limit; he is involved in decisions, informed and aware of his assets, always having an expert to contact as warranted by circumstances.

Pazzaglia & Partners regularly submits to the customer a detailed report with all the information and updates on his financial situation and proposes adjustments to the settlement based on market variations and whenever the situation makes it necessary. For the strategy applied to be effective, careful planning is combined to systematic monitoring to ensure that investments are kept in line with the goals to be achieved.

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