Today’s businesses are operating in a complex economic and financial environment (Basel Agreements, low interest rates, foreign competition, banking crisis …). In these circumstances, it is of utmost importance for a company to improve the dialogue with lenders and develop a capital consolidation strategy that takes into account all variables in play. Pazzaglia & Partner puts its expertise at the disposal of companies, walking alongside them in their relationship with a given banking system, helping them tailor mechanisms and assessment criteria adopted by lenders, as well as calculate the real cost of services, comparing the market proposals by selecting the best investments. For a business, optimizing the relationship with banking institutions translates into the ability to reduce costs, expand credit lines, and release resources to re-launch business.



  • Company’s economic-equity-financial assessment
  • Central Risk Assessment and review of unlawful reports
  • Company rating assigned by banks
  • Increase in credit worthiness by reviewing creditors and simulating different budget scenarios

Planning and dealing with banks

  • Assistance in structuring and preparing business plan
  • Analysis of short-term loans and related bank charges
  • Analysis and planning of medium and long-term funding
  • Renegotiation of financial conditions previously applied
  • Reduction of sureties according to the actual risk situation

Risk Coverage

  • Assistance in identifying corporate financial risks
  • Selection of the best investment intermediaries
  • Investment product analysis for risk coverage

Liquidity and treasury

  • Treasury management and optimization of corporate investments;
  • Investment solutions for TFM and TFR coverage
  • Analysis of personal and corporate assets within the company

Corporate security

  • Analysis of the impact of TFR on company accounts and countervailing measures
  • Informational meetings with corporate leaders and employees
  • Analysis of current and future public security position
  • Analysis and comparison of categories of negotiating funds and global offer

Pazzaglia & Partners is not involved in any way in the process of selling financial instruments, and operates in complete independence from banks and intermediaries. For this reason, it provides an objective consulting service which is particularly functional for institutions, such as foundations, organizations and associations. The prudent management of financial assets is one of the main responsibilities of the administrative bodies of these institutions, which must always have the resources necessary to attain corporate goals: contribution disbursement, project implementation etc.
Only an impartial advisor can help financial sector managers effectively address their obligations and exploit the opportunities offered by the markets by avoiding less transparent tools.


  • Assistance in liquidity management and financing
  • Valuation of derivative instruments in the Financial Statements
  • Assistance in litigation with intermediaries, in the case of sale of unsuitable instruments or the assessment of unnecessary fees
  • Selection of the best financial tools for risk coverage
  • Selection of the most suitable financial instruments for treasury management
  • Training for administrators focusing on the most complex financial instruments:
    (derivatives, options, etc.)

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